What is the theological meaning of Christ’s final thoughts? That is the aim of Last Words of Christ, which is A Call to Understand those ancient words.

   An answer to that question comes through Mark’s description of the cross in which the morning’s light of day gives way to a darkened afternoon that blankets Jerusalem. While that image – light and darkness – expresses a metaphorical tone, yet when viewed on a biblical scale, ranging from Genesis to Revelation,  a theological look into Jesus’ final thoughts emerges.

   By locating Jesus’ seven utterances  in biblical history—rather than isolating them on Calvary’s cross—they are heard as fulfillments of Old Testament portraits. More so, the wisdom of reading the Bible as inspired literature is affirmed. In traversing this biblical history-to-crucifixion interplay, the epic story of Scripture emerges, revealing the wonder and grandeur of the cross.


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